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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are your prices so much lower?
A: QAP provides high quality aluminum and stainless steel boat lifts directly to home owners who want to install or oversee their projects. We give these customers the same prices as our dealers.

Q: Why buy an aluminum boatlift instead of a cheaper galvanized lift?
A: Cost is really not a factor when purchasing a lift thru QAP. We always meet or beat our competitors prices. The life of aluminum is usually about 5 times longer(20-30 years) than galvanized. Why not buy aluminum?!!

Q: Which is better a welded or a bolted boatlift?
A: They both have their pros and cons, that is why we provide both.

Q: Is a closed top beam better than an open one?
A: We say no. If a cable gets hung up and you can't see it you could do enough damage to drop your boat. Also the rain helps keep the cable & hardware clean.

Q: Which are the best type of bearings?
A: Steel or cast bearings tend to seize, rust, and cause dissembler metal reactions. Nylon bearings have a habit of forming into an oblong shape under friction, and heat (uv). They also crack and split when mixed with certain chemicals.

Q: Which is better a belt, direct drive, or a chain driven unit?
A: Direct drive units if you have a problem at all there is no way to fix them your boat is stuck in the air. You cannot work on it until you get the boat down, you cannot get the boat down without using come-along, chains, and a lot of hard work. NOT RECOMMENDED BY US. Chain drives- we sell the only chain driven that has a self locking brake, in case the chain breaks. We also use a stainless steel chain instead of a motorcycle chain so that it is protected in the salt water environment. Belt Driven units- These units are great and can be worked on while boat is in the lift. All components replaceable while boat is in the air with this application.

Q: What about the new aluminum and nylon bunks, which is better?
A: Carpeted wood bunks cut to fit the hull of your boat will always conform to fit your hull. Aluminum on the other hand will not bow therefore the fiberglass hull will have to conform to the aluminum bunk. This usually takes a long time to occur. NOT RECOMMENED.

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